Install Doors, Trim, Casting

Baseboards, Chair Rails

Crown Molding, Attic Stairs

Pocket Door Repair

Shelving Units

Closet Systems


Patch Holes

Non-structual Framing

Cut-out and Repair

Water Intrusion

Finish Spackling

Undetactable Repairs

Door Jambs, Fascia, Soffit

Siding, Gates, Fence Slats

Water Damage

Termite Damage

All your Wood Working Needs

Tub, Shower, Sinks

Windows, Doors

Seal cracks in stucco

All Caulking Needs

Install Wire Mesh

Soffit Screens

Seal Garage Doors

I will do a complete inspection
and seal off all openings.

Around Doors, and Windows
Garage Door Seal Kits
Bottom Rubber Gasket

Property Maintenance
Garage Organization
Install Grab Bars

Product Assembly

This is just a general check list of services. Let me take care of your Handyman/Carpentry needs so you can spend more time doing what you love to do with family and friends.



Licensed & Insured

Certified Carpenter

#U-20146 (Palm Beach)

CC#10-FC-16909-R (Broward)